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Kesha gives Flashback a shoutout on Maney and Drex on Q107.5. Thanks Kesha for coming by!

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Northwest Airlines Inflight Magazine (again!)
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Filmmakers, production designers, and art directors find our store to be a valuable resource when shooting in and around Memphis. Millett, the owner, is smart as a whip when it comes to matching objects to time periods. Please call to arrange a private showing of clothing, household goods, or furniture. Objects from Flashback have appeared in "Great Balls of Fire," and many other Memphis movies.

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Memphis Flyer 2008

Best Place for Vintage Clothing

1. Flashback
Whether you want something vintage because you’re a collector or you want something vintage just for fun, Flashback is a portal to another time. And you can never underestimate the power of a really amazing window display. Flashback’s mannequins go to the pool, host barbecues, dress up for Halloween, and basically live more glamorous lives than most Memphians.

Memphis Flyer 2007

Best Vintage Clothing

1. Flashback

Flashback is Memphis’ favorite retail time machine, where customers can travel back to the days of disco or art nouveau or grunge and find anything they want, whether it’s that ideal retro lamp or just a great jean jacket. It’s past perfect.

Memphis Flyer 2006

Flashback 1st Place Best Vintage Clothing

Flashback 2nd Place Best Antiques

If you’re living in the past — and you know who you are — you should do so with style. That’s where Flashback comes in. The longtime Midtown re-retailer has great clothes, fun window displays, and housewares that are a virtual time machine.
Memphis Flyer 2005

Flashback 1st Place Best Vintage Clothing

Flashback 3rd Place Best Antiques

Memphis Flyer 2004

Flashback 1st Place Best Vintage Clothing

And we won every year from 1989 on, from when the internet was just a baby!